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Unfortunately, sometimes patients have difficult diagnoses, and some diseases are not always amenable to effective treatment on an outpatient basis, that is, at home or when the patient himself visits a medical institution. In cases of recently transferred operations or injuries, if chronic diseases are discovered in neglected form, and if the patient is in serious condition, he needs not only constant care and observation of specialists but also a long-term therapeutic complex treatment that takes more than one day. For this purpose, our medical center has special hospitals, where the patient can stay in comfortable conditions for him throughout the course of treatment.

The organization of round-the-clock medical care and care for patients placed in the hospital of our medical institution is carried out by qualified specialists and high-quality modern equipment.

The Global Medical Center clinic is distinguished by the availability of the latest equipment of increased accuracy and efficiency, developed according to the latest technologies and corresponding to world quality standards. We have experienced skilled doctors and specialists - professionals in their field. And the responsible medical staff will carefully take care of the regime and all the measures for the treatment of our patients. In our medical center we try to create the most pleasant atmosphere and comfortable environment for more effective recovery of people who are in a hospital.


Conditions to stay in a hospital.

For the complex acquisition of long-term treatment in our center, the most comfortable conditions for patients are created. In the hospital "GMC" there are cozy wards for one, and for two or more patients. We also have special VIP-chambers with bathrooms, refrigerators, televisions and Internet access. Patients on treatment in a hospital can receive visitors in a special reception hall, as well as visit a cafeteria. All our patients are provided with four meals a day, daily room cleaning and 24-hour on-call help. Patients here receive a comprehensive diagnostic examination and treatment, news of a range of necessary measures and procedures, being constantly under the supervision of clinic staff and treating doctors. The highest quality of services and a special individual caring attitude towards our patients is a pledge of their speedy recovery.

The hospitals of the medical center "GMC" are quality service and caring staff, qualified doctors and 24-hour help, comfortable conditions, close to home and cozy atmosphere, which provides the most effective and complex treatment.

Global Hospital Center services:

- therapeutic treatment of diseases;

- surgical operations;

- rehabilitation and rehabilitation treatment;

- complex diagnostic examinations;

- medical and recreational procedures;

- treatment and prevention of diseases for the elderly.

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