Sergeli district, Yangi Sergeli street, 35, Tashkent
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GLOBAL MEDICAL CENTER is a multidisciplinary medical center that includes outpatient diagnostics and inpatient treatment. Modern design, practicality, functionality and elegant interior of the center contribute to the fastest recovery of patients. The center is intended not only for the examination and treatment of patients, but also for recreation of visitors.

The main advantage of GLOBAL MEDICAL CENTER is the natural source of mineral water. In the center there is a hospital, an outpatient department for physiotherapy. The center employs doctors and candidates of medical sciences, as well as doctors of the highest category with extensive experience, capable of not only correctly diagnosing in the shortest possible time, but also conducting an adequate course of treatment that will save you from troubling diseases.

The hospital is specialized in the direction of cardiology, neurology, general therapy and physiotherapy. In the outpatient clinic, doctors are provided: urologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist and therapist. In the center the reception of the experienced specialist in non-traditional medicine of the physician of the phyto physician and dietician Kurbanov Kazbek Alimovich is conducted. You can be sure that you trust your health professionals. The center is equipped with modern equipment: ultrasound (expert class) 4D, digital X-ray (graphia + scopia), fluorography, doppler echocardiography, EEG, EchoEG, ECG, automated laboratory, etc. In the physiotherapy department, all procedures of electrotherapy, paraffin ozocerite treatment , various types of therapeutic and health-improving massage, therapeutic baths, showers, whirlpool baths for upper and lower extremities, gynecological irrigation with mineral water, microclysters with decoction of medicinal herbs, and irrigation of intestines with mineral water (g androdecolonotherapy).

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