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For corporate clients

Medical center «Global Medical Center» offers a special comprehensive service programs to corporate clients, which include the latest achievements in diagnostics and medicine, which allowed to develop special measures and favorable conditions for each individual employee. We employ qualified and responsible specialists, professionals in their field, and the quality of service and medical care in our institution fully complies with international standards.

Corporate visitors of our medical center can receive both outpatient therapy and inpatient treatment as needed. Especially for our inpatients, there are comfortable conditions for getting treatment: cozy rooms for one or more patients; VIP-chambers, which are even more practical, equipped with baths and a bathroom, refrigerator, TV and Internet access. The service includes: four meals a day; daily cleaning of the premises; round-the-clock on-call help. We also have a reception hall for visitors and a cafeteria. In the conditions of a hospital in our medical center complex diagnostic examinations and special treatment of corporate patients are carried out, including all the necessary measures and procedures.

The clinic «Global Medical Center» offers its partners a wide range of medical services that are most in demand among the population, including special programs for outpatient and polyclinic services, as well as comprehensive care and dispensary programs for employees of enterprises and organizations. Thanks to special programs created for corporate clients, it is reliable and profitable to cooperate with us, including on an ongoing basis. Responsible and experienced medical workers of our center will take care of the implementation of all medical and preventive measures in your organization and the health of your employees. To date, being treated at the clinic «Global Medical Center» is not only good for health, but also pleasant, prestigious and convenient.

Programs for corporate clients:

The benefits of a direct contract for annual medical care

An integrated approach to health

The multidisciplinary clinic "Global Medical Center" provides an integrated approach to your health. At us your employees can pass all necessary inspections, including the most "narrow" experts, without losing thus time for trips on узкопрофильными to medical institutions, and if necessary immediately to receive complex and productive treatment.

Transparency and openness for patients

Our clients can register for an appointment with a doctor not only by phone, but also directly on our website through the section "Services" - "Reception of doctors". All you need to do is choose a doctor from the list, find out the mode of his work and make an appointment, fill in and send your data through the form on the site.

Convenient ways of communication

You can also order a call back, and our operators will contact you at a time convenient for you during the day. To do this, just click on the "Callback" button on our website, fill out the opened form and send it to us.

Provide digital copies of the results

Modern technologies and media allow us to store information about the health and medical history in digital form, and our medical center also uses this opportunity for the convenience of our customers. All research results obtained in the Global Medical Center, if desired, can be written to a CD-ROM for consultation with doctors from other domestic and foreign clinics.

Department for working with insurance companies and legal entities:
Phone number: 71 200-55-50