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Sometimes a serious injury or illness can overtake a person so suddenly that he finds himself completely unable to reach the nearest medical facility or visit a doctor. There are situations when help is needed immediately. For such cases, there is a 24-hour emergency service.

The state, and sometimes the life of a person, depends on how quickly the call will respond to the call and how quickly the medical team of the "First Aid" arrives. Primary examination of the patient and correct diagnosis by the doctor of emergency medical care often determine all further actions of the medical staff, as well as the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment. Therefore, it is so important to turn in time to experienced professionals who will be able at the right time to provide all the necessary assistance to the patient.

Our medical center has everything necessary for providing patients with "First Aid" services: comfortable vans for transportation of patients equipped with modern technology and medical equipment that helps to provide first aid and support the vital processes of the organism in especially severe cases and critical situations; professional brigades consisting of experienced doctors and medical personnel who are ready at any time to immediately go to the aid of a sick or injured person; the dispatching service, equipped also with the modern equipment which allows organizing operatively organization of departure of a brigade of first aid to the specified address.

"Global Medical Center" provides round-the-clock "First Aid" services within the city limits and adjacent areas.

For the fast, safe and convenient transportation of patients and their further hospitalization, the GMC Center uses specially equipped HYUNDAI H-1 vans equipped with the CMS8000 patient monitor, the Cardio-Aid 360-B defibrillator, the Shangrila510S apparatus, the ECG300G electrocardiograph, stretchers, and all the necessary tools and drugs for emergency care of the patient.

Emergency medical services "GMC":

  1. Provision of emergency medical care (calling an ambulance);
  2. first aid for children;
  3. first aid for pregnant women;
  4. hospitalization;
  5. transportation of patients across Uzbekistan;
  6. transportation of patients and injured;
  7. medical support on the road;
  8. medical support of events;
  9. psychiatric care at home;
  10. call the doctor at home.

24-hour emergency telephone number: +998 71 200-11-42 or 1142