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Reception of the therapist implies an appropriate set of actions, due to which a comprehensive approach to the condition and well-being of the patient is determined. In particular, such actions include:

  • Collection of anamnesis. This involves obtaining specific information about the patient's illness, as well as a detailed study of actual complaints related to his well-being and studying the medical history.
  • Use of objective techniques in the survey. The patient is examined, which in turn includes percussion (that is, tapping cavities), auscultation (listening to the lung area), palpation (probing specific areas of the organs).
  • Definition of specialized methods for research. This includes, in particular, third-party techniques in the form of X-ray and laboratory studies, ultrasound, etc.
  • Information of the information that corresponds to the patient's diagnosis with certain treatment measures in his medical card.
  • Application of indicators requiring hospitalization of the patient. For example, if specific treatment is needed in a hospital or surgical intervention is required, etc.
  • Definition of actual risk factors that promote the development of chronic forms of diseases.
  • Organization of the sick-list.

Definition of medications required for admission, as well as specific procedures for treatment and other measures of medical scale.

Summarizing, it can be noted that the therapist treats almost all those diseases that do not require the need for surgical intervention. Accordingly, his occupation is the use of conservative treatment.

In at GMC you can get advice from a therapist of the highest category: Makhmudova Mukkadam Turdikulovna.

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