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Radiography is a diagnostic method associated with obtaining a contrasting black and white image. Radiography is based on the property of X-rays to penetrate the tissues of the body and be absorbed by them. Depending on the degree of absorption, a negative image is formed on the photosensitive layer, on the basis of the analysis of which a conclusion is drawn about the state of the internal organs and tissues of the patient.

The radiologist is engaged in diagnostics and performs the role of a consultant who diagnoses based on an analysis of the received X-ray images.

Of great importance is the clarity and quality of X-ray images, so the X-ray rooms of the GMC Medical Center are equipped with modern and reliable equipment that meets the highest requirements and guarantees a high-quality result.

In the multidisciplinary medical center of GMC, radiologists are working, who responsibly concern their work and constantly improve their knowledge, because from the medical conclusion the correctly diagnosed diagnosis largely depends.

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