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During the reception, the pediatrician first collects an anamnesis and conducts a primary examination of the child. After this, the doctor can prescribe additional tests or studies to correctly diagnose. Most often this is a general analysis of blood and urine. A pediatrician can immediately diagnose and recommend treatment. Based on the results of the research, the patient is referred to a more narrow specialist, for example, an ophthalmologist, cardiologist, etc.

The duties of a pediatrician doctor are to monitor the health status of their patients, organize and conduct anti-epidemic measures, and provide medical and preventive care. This specialist also organizes and conducts immunization procedures. In addition, the pediatrician's competence includes the compilation and implementation of individual programs aimed at the rehabilitation of children with special needs, the provision of preventive and hygiene measures for the protection of children's health and the issuance of certificates and sheets for incapacity for work.

In the multi-disciplinary medical center of GMC there is a professional pediatrician with many years of experience Murodova Yulduz Nuriddinovna. The specialist follows the advanced medical trends, but at the same time relying on his experience can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe competent treatment. In addition, a good pediatrician is always a little educator. Our specialist Murodova Yulduz Nuriddinovna, gets on well with children and easily finds a common language even with the smallest.

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